Florida Co Develops Export Markets for FL and US Farm Products

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John Parke Wright IVJohn Parke Wright IV is a descendent of a well established, multi-generation Florida farming family which grew its food and shipping businesses to global proportions decades ago. Remember Lykes Hot Dogs? Now operating J. P. Wright & Company, based in southwest Florida, he focuses on export market development for Florida and other U. S. farm products.

In this audio feature (click icon below), Parke explains what got him started and discusses Parke Wright serves orange juice in his Fresh From Florida exhibit at the Saudi Agro Food Exhibition September 2012one of his newest ventures in a wealthy country that has tens of millions of consumers attracted to the types of high quality products Florida and U. S. agriculture has to offer. But he says to succeed “we have to be there, we have to be in the market” and he is ready to give Florida and U. S. companies that opportunity.

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We posted a news item on this website last year when Parke sent us some photos from his “Fresh From Florida” exhibit at the huge Saudi Agro Food Exhibition that takes place in Riyadh each September. Right now he is seeking more U. S. firms interested in exporting farm and food products into Saudi Arabia. He is growing the promotional effort for the upcoming show mid-September. Parke can be contacted by email at jpw4@att.net or by calling him directly at his personal office in Florida at (239) 596-7474. J. P. Wright & Company , Inc., P.O. Box 649, Naples, Florida 34106

Saudi Cowboys - Parke Wright presents a Stetson cowboy hat to Abdullah Shuwaish, Manager at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic StudiesDuring a recent visit to “The Kingdom” Parke sent this “Saudi Cowboys” photo and short explanation after giving a hat to a Saudi business friend and receiving a gift of “six brown camels in Al Ghat!” Parke writes further about the photo: “Abdullah Shuwaish is my good friend and Manager at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. He has taught me the meaning of Friendship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and continues to open many doors to new friends across that vast country. I was happy to present him with a fine ‘Stetson’! As the United States Representative for the Riyadh Exhibitions Center, I am focused on the Saudi Agro Food Exhibition (www.recexpo.com) coming up this September . We always serve Florida Orange Juice, and it is popular there with a market population of 25 million with 70% of the population under 30. It is a great and growing market for American food and beverage products.”

AgNet Hats are off to John Parke Wright for his tireless efforts in developing new export opportunities for farmers in Florida and all across the U. S. GO PARKE, GO!