Will Georgia Fruit Have a Home?

Dan Citrus, Georgia

Citrus acreage in Georgia continues to increase. While it didn’t double like it did in 2020, it still increased by 50%, says Jake Price, University of Georgia Lowndes County Extension coordinator. During a citrus growers’ summer update meeting on Aug. 25 in Lowndes County, Price said that Georgia’s citrus acreage has ballooned to 2,700 acres in 46 counties. The state …


Growing Containerized Satsumas Under Screen

Dan Citrus

Trials of containerized satsuma trees grown in a screened facility will soon begin in Louisiana, reported Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter horticulture Extension agent Anna Timmerman. She discussed the trials during the recent virtual 2021 LSU AgCenter Citrus Symposium. Research objectives include determining optimal planting density and yield. Field days for growers will likely be conducted in 2022, and a …


The Search for Canker-Resistant Satsumas

Dan Citrus, Huanglongbing (HLB)/Citrus Greening, Research

Citrus canker, a highly contagious bacterial disease of citrus, was first detected in Louisiana around 1914 and declared eradicated by 1940. However, the disease reappeared in the state in 2013. Right now, there are no effective treatments to eliminate the disease after the infection has occurred. Adding insult to injury, Louisiana’s hot and humid climate is especially conducive to the …


Georgia Trials Offer Rootstock Choices

Dan Citrus, Georgia

Ongoing citrus rootstock trials being conducted by the University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension in Lowndes County hold promise for increased yields, improved fruit quality, and greater disease resistance. Jake Price, UGA Extension agent and Lowndes County Extension coordinator, has six local citrus rootstock/variety trials with varying objectives. The trees are custom-produced by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified citrus nurseries …


Third Packer for Cold-Hardy Citrus

Dan Citrus

A third packinghouse started packing fresh South Georgia and North Florida citrus in 2020. The newest packer, The Satsuma Company, is in Tifton, Georgia. The others, Corbett Brothers in Lake Park, Georgia, and Florida Georgia Citrus in Monticello, Florida, have been packing citrus since 2016. “I have visited all three facilities in South Georgia and North Florida,” said Lindy Savelle, …


Agri View: Georgia Citrus Expanding Thanks to Research

Dan Agri View, Citrus, Research

Everett Griner talks about citrus farming and related research in Georgia expanding in today’s Agri View. Georgia Citrus Expanding Thanks to Research You know, many people thought that citrus business in Georgia was a temporary thing that would soon go away. They don’t think that anymore. Not with the research and the diversity and the growth that’s taking place. The …