Third Packer for Cold-Hardy Citrus

Dan Citrus


A third packinghouse started packing fresh South Georgia and North Florida citrus in 2020. The newest packer, The Satsuma Company, is in Tifton, Georgia. The others, Corbett Brothers in Lake Park, Georgia, and Florida Georgia Citrus in Monticello, Florida, have been packing citrus since 2016.

“I have visited all three facilities in South Georgia and North Florida,” said Lindy Savelle, president of the Georgia Citrus Association. “They are all quite impressive. We should be sitting in a very good position next year to have plenty of packinghouses ready to receive Georgia-grown citrus fruit.”


Savelle said the bulk of South Georgia fruit production “will start next year as many of the groves will be in year 4 when the fruit is good and the production is worthy of spending money to get food safety inspected and harvested.” Most North Florida citrus groves are also only a few years old.

Kim Jones, owner of Florida Georgia Citrus and part-owner of The Satsuma Company, said…..

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