The Search for Canker-Resistant Satsumas

Dan Citrus, Huanglongbing (HLB)/Citrus Greening, Research

Unmanaged canker on young trees

Citrus canker, a highly contagious bacterial disease of citrus, was first detected in Louisiana around 1914 and declared eradicated by 1940. However, the disease reappeared in the state in 2013.

Right now, there are no effective treatments to eliminate the disease after the infection has occurred. Adding insult to injury, Louisiana’s hot and humid climate is especially conducive to the disease, allowing for rapid spread.

While all citrus varieties are susceptible to canker, some varieties are less susceptible than others.


Raj Singh, associate professor of horticulture at Louisiana State University (LSU), collaborated with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the LSU AgCenter on a two-year study to determine which varieties of satsumas are the most resistant to citrus canker. Satsumas dominate the citrus industry in Louisiana, accounting for 63% of the state’s total citrus acreage.

To accomplish his objectives, Singh evaluated healthy satsuma trees of different cultivars from …..

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