Citrus Recovery Act Seeks to Update Florida Citrus Commission

Dan Citrus, Florida

It is set to be a busy legislative session for agricultural interests in Florida. One of the bills making its way through the process is SB 1002, the Citrus Recovery Act. Sen. Danny Burgess (R-District 20) introduced the bill to amend the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC). The FCC is the governing body of the Florida Department of Citrus. The Citrus Recovery Act …


Panel Discusses OJ and Health Research

Dan Citrus, Orange Juice, Research

The Florida Citrus Commission’s (FCC) Scientific Research Advisory Council (SRAC) on Oct. 13 discussed recent studies and projects addressing the linkage between orange juice (OJ) and health. The FCC governs the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), which spends much effort promoting the health benefits of OJ. PUBLISHED STUDIES Rosa Walsh, director of scientific research at the FDOC, shared three recently published studies. …


Immunity Still a Consumer Priority

Dan Citrus, Coronavirus, Orange Juice

Consumers are continuing to seek out foods and beverages that provide immune support during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jackie Hopkins with Edible told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) at its Sept. 22 meeting. That search for immunity is a benefit to the orange juice (OJ) industry, since numerous reports indicate consumers link OJ to immunity. Edible is a marketing agency …


Influencers Push OJ Sales

Dan Citrus, Economy, Orange Juice

In a recent message to members of the Florida citrus industry, Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Steve Johnson focused on the role of social media influencers in promoting Florida orange juice. Johnson stated that partnerships with influencers on social media and in traditional media comprise what he called “a critical component” of the Florida Department of Citrus’ (FDOC) e-commerce marketing campaign. …


Research to Prove OJ Health Benefits

Dan Citrus, Research

The Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) recently approved three research projects aimed at further proving the health benefits of orange juice (OJ) consumption. The OJ-related projects had been recommended by the commission’s Scientific Research Advisory Committee. The projects were discussed by Rosa Walsh, director of the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Scientific Research Department, during the October FCC meeting. The FCC serves as the …