Agri View: Farm Mechanical Technology

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Everett Griner talks about mechanical technology and how it works on the farm in today’s Agri View. Originally, pickup trucks with an Industrial Diesel Engine were a handy vehicle to serve farmers. You know, today they are designed more to carry passengers than a load of feed. It has become the family vehicle instead of the traditional 4-door sedan. But, …

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Farm Machinery Markets Beginning to Stabilize

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A DTN article says signs are showing that the farm machinery industry is starting to stabilize after prices had been free falling for some time. “We are seeing signs that after several years of steep declines, key agricultural markets may be stabilizing,” says Samuel Allen, John Deere Chairman, and CEO. That doesn’t mean farmers have started to replace the equipment …


Agri View: Agricultural Equipment Sales

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Everett Griner talks about agricultural equipment sales tracking agriculture in today’s Agri View. You know even the people who keep up with what goes on in the world of agriculture give little thought in the industry that keeps farmers going. Talking about the people who build the tractors, combines and other implements. In case you care, it hasn’t been too …