Administration Considering New Tariffs on China over Phase One Deal

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The Biden administration is looking at the possibility of new tariffs on China if they can’t persuade Beijing to live up to its failed commitments under the Phase One trade deal. Reuters says the administration is looking at other possibilities, including a closer working relationship with allies to present a united front against China. Myron Brilliant, the U.S. Chamber of …

Trump Set to Launch Tariffs Against China

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President Donald Trump could impose tariffs on Chinese good Friday, or perhaps next week, according to Politico. Sources say the imminent move faces a Friday deadline for publishing a final list of goods that will be hit with the 25 percent tariff. However, the order for the products list deadline does not offer a timeline on when the tariffs will …

China Steps Up Pork Inspections, Slowing Imports

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China is stepping up inspections of pork imports from the United States. Ports are opening and inspecting every cargo that arrives, according to a report by Reuters, compared with inspections carried out only “randomly” in the past. Some trade experts see the move, along with other similar actions by China, as a warning to the United States in response to …

Sorghum Prices Falls Three Times Lower After China Tariff Announcement

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Grain-handling company Scoular tells Bloomberg that sorghum bids in the Gulf of Mexico have all but disappeared in the wake of a Chinese decision to impose a 179 percent tariff on U.S. imports. Bob Ludington oversees the Omaha, Nebraska-based company’s grain and oilseed division, and says there’s been very little trade. While some U.S. grain elevators are still bidding for …

Peanuts Not Included in China Retaliation

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It was announced that China is moving forward with retaliatory tariffs on some U.S. agricultural products. But according to Tyron Spearman, so far that does not include peanuts. Peanuts Not Included in China Retaliation Sponsored ContentNuseed Carinata Covers New GroundJuly 15, 2024CIR Agriculture Harvester ProductsJuly 1, 2024TriEst Ag Group: Partners in ProfitabilityApril 1, 2024