GOP’s Evolving Tax Plan May See Changes

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New details are filtering out on the GOP’s evolving tax plan. Some reports say equipment expensing and how producers file their taxes could see changes. Washington Post sources say the White House and GOP leaders want to cut the rate paid by thousands of businesses that pay taxes through the individual income tax code to 25-percent from nearly 40-percent. American …

farm facts

Farm Facts Book

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Cathy Isom has all of the information about the new resource available now to help connect the dots about your food and where it came from. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.   On average, each American farm produces enough food and fiber for 165 people each year. That’s one of the items featured in the new Food …

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Rural Broadband Improvements will be Costly

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The president promised to improve broadband service to rural areas as part of his nationwide infrastructure plan. Bloomberg says it would take roughly $80 billion to expand broadband to all rural areas in America that need it. However, Trump’s most recent spending proposals only set aside $25 million over the next ten years on rural infrastructure needs. Only 55 percent …


Farm Groups Give NAFTA Testimony to USTR

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Farm groups including the National Corn Growers Association, the American Farm Bureau, and the U.S. Grains Council gave testimony Tuesday during hearings on the North American Free Trade Agreement. The farm groups told the U.S. Trade Representative’s office that concerns over the renegotiation effort have disrupted relationships with U.S. agriculture customers and that a new NAFTA should protect the market …

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Farm Bureau Responds to President’s Tax Plan

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The following may be attributed to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall: “Farmers and ranchers need a tax code that promotes the business of farming and ranching and recognizes the unique financial challenges we face. Farm Bureau welcomes a pro-business approach to tax reform, but any tax reform proposal must treat all businesses fairly. Most farm and ranch businesses …


President Signs Resolution to Repeal BLM Planning 2.0

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President Donald Trump Monday signed a congressional resolution directing the Bureau of Land Management to repeal their Planning 2.0 Rule. The resolution was supported by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the American Farm Bureau, and others. The American Farm Bureau had suggested the rule, which was finalized in December, would negatively impact federal lands use. Ethan Lane, executive director of …

AFBF Raising New Alarms about Last Minute Rules

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The Environmental Protection Agency is racing to get last-minute rules out the door before the Obama administration leaves office on January 20th. EPA is moving so fast to get the rules done before President-elect Donald Trump takes over, that American Farm Bureau and other groups are raising a new alarm. Here’s American Farm Bureau Federations Paul Schlagle.

Farm Bureau Boot Camp

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The Farm Bureau Women’s Communications Boot Camp is open to all women who are Farm Bureau members and want to enhance their communication and leadership skills. Cathy Isom tells us about the crash-course helping women in farming be better communicators on and off the farm. That’s coming up on “This Land of Ours.”