Smithfield Sausage Provides Consistency for Consumers

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Consistency is king in the world of fast food and Smithfield Farms Vice President Dennis Tracy says one example is the sausage patties they supply to McDonalds from their plant in the southeast. Report (1:00 wma)

Campaign to Promote Animal ID

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USDA continues to work with states in the promotion of Animal Identification. Under Secretary Bruce Knight says an outreach campaign is underway to reach individual producers.  Report (1:00 wma) To learn more about animal ID, just go to USDA’s website.

FL Ag and Business Leaders Want Amendment 3 to Pass!

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In this Juice News report, Gary Cooper has comments from Mark Wilson of the Florida Chamber about why agriculture folks want Amendment 3 to pass.  ALso in this report, a brief follow up with comments from Indian River Citrus League about USDA’s planned purchase of millions of gallons of Florida grapefruit juice, which should help stabalize prices for growers.  Report (1:00 wma)

Moo and Oink Sell

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Moo and Oink of Chicago has been selling pork and beef products for over 30 years with some creative marketing. Check out their website and see. Report (1:00 wma)