House Acts to Prevent Rail Strike

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The House of Representatives Wednesday took action to avert a pending rail strike.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on the house floor Wednesday, stated, “A shutdown would grind our economy to a halt, and every family would feel the strain,” while adding, “Small businesses wouldn’t be able to get their products to market. Many of them, as I say, farmers.”

National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says the action is “a positive step toward keeping that chain moving,” referring to the agricultural supply chain’s reliance on rail access.


The resolution will now go to the Senate for consideration. It will need 60 votes to pass the Senate before arriving at President Biden’s desk for his signature.

Pelosi pledged two actions by the House, with the first being the resolution to prevent a rail strike. The second action by the House is a separate measure that would give railway employees seven days of paid sick leave per year.

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House Acts to Prevent Rail Strike

Sabrina Halvorson
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