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Interesting Edible Way to Recycle that Holiday Tree

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An interesting and edible way to recycle your holiday tree. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

holiday tree
Christmas tree cured fish is one well-received recipe Georgallis included in her compilation.
Photography courtesy of Julia Georgallis

We have covered several ways to recycle your holiday tree on this program. Such as turning the tree into mulch.  But one alternative we haven’t talked about is turning parts of your tree into something you can eat.  As long as its not one of the varieties that’s toxic to ingest, of course.

A UK-based artisan baker and cook Julia Georgallis recently published a compilation of more than 30 recipes for sustainable cooking with fir, pine and spruce trees in a new cookbook called: How to Eat Your Christmas Tree.”  In fact, one recipe uses a certain type of evergreen which makes for an ideal ice cream flavor.  Other recipes in the book call for fir and spruce trees.


Georgallis explains that fir is really zesty and really grassy.  She has used in things like pickles and other recipes that call for a sharper taste. She also explains how pine doesn’t taste like it smells, calling it very delicate and almost floral.

The book includes recipes for ferments and preserves, sweet treats and drinks.

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Interesting Edible Way to Recycle that Holiday Tree

holiday tree

Brian Earl, writer and editor of the Christmas Past Web site, and host of the Christmas Past podcast, interviews Julia Georgallis, author of “How to Eat Your Christmas Tree” on his podcast. Listen to his podcast with Julia, and of course, check out the recipe of her delicious Christmas Tree & Ginger Ice Cream.

Interview — Julia Georgallis, author of How to Eat Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are for decorating, admiring, and placing decoratively wrapped gifts underneath. But how about…for eating? Baker and designer Julia Georgallis joins me in this episode to discuss her new book, How to Eat Your Christmas Tree. It’s the result of a five-year culinary experiment centered around 

sustainability at Christmas time. Julia has shared her recipe for Christmas Tree and Ginger Ice Cream with us!

Christmas Tree & Ginger Ice Cream

This is hands down my favorite recipe from the supper club, and …..

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You can buy the book here.