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Agri View: Wild Hog Eradication Methods

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wild hogEverett Griner talks about one method of wild hog eradication remaining a ‘tried and true’ method. Others continue to try new methods in today’s Agri View.

Wild Hog Eradication Methods

The fight to end the wild hog problem continues. In some areas, progress is being made. In others, it is a static thing. One state is now using helicopters. It hasn’t gotten rid of thousands of the creatures, but, the fight goes on.

It isn’t just farmers that are feeling the pain. Some of the successful removal has been in state and federal lands. That is to be expected because it makes no difference to the hog.

The worst time of the year, if there is such a thing, is planting time. In most places, that is early to late Spring.

Officials that are using helicopters are pleased with the results, but they say that hunting, by professionals and club members, is still the productive way to destroy them. This is followed closely by trapping.

Well, whatever works, will–be–tried. You can count on that.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…