Sugar Policy Reformers Aren’t Done

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release

sugar dealBusiness and taxpayer groups trying to overhaul federal sugar policy say they’re down, but not out, after the Senate failed to consider their amendment during the farm bill debate. Politico says the Alliance for Fair Suger Policy includes the National Confectioners Association, the American Bakers Association, as well as retailer and consumer groups. The group blames the lack of action on the Senate Agriculture Committee’s determination “to advance the farm bill by July fourth.”

The group added that the Senate believed it could defeat any significant changes to the bill, including potential changes on SNAP and sugar policy. Alliance spokeswoman Jennifer Cummings says, “The Senate moved the farm bill as quickly as possible, and the lack of debate on the amendments doesn’t mean there wasn’t widespread bipartisan support for them.” The group says it’s looking ahead to the next opportunity for bringing up sugar reform, though it’s not quite clear when that might be.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters News Service