Peanut Milk Coming Soon to Stores Near You

Dan Dairy, Peanuts

peanut milkThe dairy alternatives case will soon welcome a new addition, peanut milk. The new, Milked Peanuts – Chocolate is scheduled to roll out in retail stores across the country in January. Tyron Spearman has the story.

From: National Peanut Board

The dairy alternatives case will soon welcome a new addition…peanut milk! Elmhurst Milked brand just launched a Milked Peanuts – Chocolate which will roll out in retail stores across the country in January.

With just a few simple ingredients—filtered water, peanuts, cane sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, natural flavors and salt— Elmhurst Milked Peanuts – Chocolate has a clean label and doesn’t include any extra preservatives, emulsifiers or thickeners. A patented “cold milling” process retains many of the peanuts’ natural nutrients, creating a creamy, satisfying beverage with as much protein as a glass of milk.

Elmhurst Milked is an innovative plant-based beverage company with roots that go back to 1925. They craft non-dairy, plant-based milk that combines the full nutrition of whole nuts with a superior, creamy texture and full flavor. The word “milked” best describes the company’s unique process of using water to separate and draw out all the nutrients from the nuts and grains. Once released, these valuable nutrients re-combine naturally to form a smooth, creamy beverage without the use of chemicals or thickeners. The milking process allows Elmhurst Milked to use more nuts and grains per glass, resulting in a more delicious and nutritious non-dairy milk. Elmhurst’s Milked plant-based milk contains many times the nuts, seeds, and legumes of other leading brands. Elmhurst’s plant-based kinds of milk can be enjoyed on their own as high-protein beverages or used in cereal, coffee, tea, and smoothies. The milk can also be used as replacements for dairy milk in cooking, and their high protein content and foaming properties make them an excellent match for lattés and cappuccinos.

Sip a well-earned Elmhurst Milked Peanuts – Chocolate after your workout. Or, be more indulgent and dunk your favorite peanut butter cookie in it. Once you pick up your first container, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of ways to add Elmhurst Milked Peanuts – Chocolate to your life. And, more of your peanut dreams will come true with an original peanut milk from Elmhurst Milked in the works too.