Pruning Mistakes

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pruning mistakes
Cathy Isom lets us know some of the biggest mistakes made in pruning and how to avoid making them. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Tree trimming or pruning is necessary to keep our plants and trees healthy and beautiful, as well as promoting growth for years to come. Failing to prune could lead to big problems and long-lasting damage. pruning mistakesSome common pruning mistakes include not knowing the right time of year to cut those branches back, improper shaping, or cutting off too much rather than just thinning.

Before pulling out those shears, the best way to avoid making mistakes is to know what function that plant or tree serves in the landscape, which portion of the plant or branch should be removed, understanding why it should be pruned, and what will happen once it’s done correctly. To help ensure that tree trimming or pruning is done correctly, you may hire a tree service expert.

What you use to make the cut is equally important. Pruning tools should be clean, sharp, well-oiled and in good condition. Anything that’s damaged, rusty, dull or has ragged-edges could be dangerous to you and to your plants. Tools should always be stored in a dry location.

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