UF Ag Economist Brings Depth to Ag Research Budget Debate

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

UF Ag Economist Tom Spreen University of Florida Ag Economist Tom Spreen is well-known for his economic analyses of Florida agriculture, his work has been especially helpful in the citrus community. As state lawmakers face yet another round of serious budget cuts sure to again impact University of Florida IFAS along with every other sector, Spreen offers timely and powerful insight and perspective about how the rhetoric in the budget debate impacts real people, programs and industry. It’s strong agricultural input for anyone involved in the state budget debate. In the first report we asked Spreen what he thinks are the biggest challenges facing citrus, economic or otherwise.
In the second report, Spreen comments candidly on how ag research stacks up with other needs in the state budgeting process
In report three Spreen discusses impacts on morale from the budget situation
and in the fourth and final report of the series, concerns for the future, short and longer term.