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Trump Set to Launch Tariffs Against China

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President Donald Trump could impose tariffs on Chinese good Friday, or perhaps next week, according to Politico. Sources say the imminent move faces a Friday deadline for publishing a final list of goods that will be hit with the 25 percent tariff. However, the order for the products list deadline does not offer a timeline on when the tariffs will …

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China Steps Up Pork Inspections, Slowing Imports

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China is stepping up inspections of pork imports from the United States. Ports are opening and inspecting every cargo that arrives, according to a report by Reuters, compared with inspections carried out only “randomly” in the past. Some trade experts see the move, along with other similar actions by China, as a warning to the United States in response to …


Sorghum Prices Falls Three Times Lower After China Tariff Announcement

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Grain-handling company Scoular tells Bloomberg that sorghum bids in the Gulf of Mexico have all but disappeared in the wake of a Chinese decision to impose a 179 percent tariff on U.S. imports. Bob Ludington oversees the Omaha, Nebraska-based company’s grain and oilseed division, and says there’s been very little trade. While some U.S. grain elevators are still bidding for …