NAFTA Talks Reach Standstill

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Agriculture and other contentious issues proposed by the U.S. during round four of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks have stalled the renegotiation effort. The U.S., Canada, and Mexico have now agreed to extend the talks into 2018, failing to meet the Trump Administration’s goal to conclude the talks by the end of this year. The move comes …


UF scientists act as plant detectives to identify disease

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As a University of Florida plant pathologist, Gary Vallad likes to call himself and his colleagues “sleuths of the plant world.” These detectives find out what ails plants and crops, hopefully before the disease gets out of control. Most recently, scientists with the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences discovered some novel pathogens that may damage Florida tomatoes. Their …


Putnam Speaks to Florida Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C.

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Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam joined Governor Rick Scott to discuss the recent agricultural damage caused by Hurricane Irma and to request federal assistance. The following are excerpts from his remarks: “The Florida delegation has a long history of coming together in the aftermath of these types of disasters and bringing the full weight of the third largest …


Grow Kale in the Winter

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Cathy Isom has some interesting tips about the green veggie you can grow in the winter. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.     When cold winter temperatures set in, there is one green vegetable that doesn’t mind the chill. Kale, and other members of the Brassica oleracea family like broccoli and cabbage, thrive in colder weather. Kale can …

Heat-Tolerant Broccoli for the Future

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Traditionally, broccoli is a cool-weather crop. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are looking to change that by developing new varieties that grow in warm temperatures. ARS plant geneticist Mark Farnham and his team in Charleston, South Carolina, have developed and characterized the genetic sources of broccoli’s heat tolerance. Theoretical and Applied Genetics published these results in March 2017. The team, led by ARS geneticist Sandra …


Putnam Says Agriculture Industry Hammered by Irma

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Parts of Florida’s agriculture industry are in “tatters” as rural communities throughout the state continue to face severe conditions after Hurricane Irma, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Thursday. Putnam said the storm hammered citrus, vegetable and sugarcane growers, though he didn’t put a cost estimate on the damage. And as many farmers and residents of Florida’s rural counties wait for …