climate change

New UF Lab Gives Researchers Preview of Climate Change in the Gulf

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GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS-Oct. 9, 2019) — Scientists are already observing climate change in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical species, such snook and black mangrove, are moving north. Flows of freshwater into estuaries are dwindling. The hard part: predicting how climate change will affect the plants, animal and people who depend on the Gulf. To make these predictions, you need a …

spotted lanternfly

Scientists Release First Map of Areas Suitable for Spotted Lanternfly Establishment in U.S. and World

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WAPATO, WASHINGTON (USDA/ARS-October 3, 2019) — A map identifying the areas suitable for establishment of the spotted lanternfly (SLF) in the United States and other countries has been published in the Journal of Economic Entomology by Agricultural Research Service scientists. Areas in the United States that have been identified as possible spotted lanternfly habitat. The SLF, originally from China, has spread to Korea …

peanut commission

GA Peanut Commission Pleased with Research Efforts

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During the recent UGA Cotton & Peanut Research Field Day in Tifton, producers were able to learn more about the latest research efforts. Donald Chase, chairman of the research committee of the Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC), says research dollars continue to give then an incredible return on investment. To learn more about dollars earmarked for research efforts, contact the Georgia …


Biosolids Produce Less Nitrogen and Phosphorus Runoff than Inorganic Fertilizer

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GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS-September 17, 2019) — New research from University of Florida scientists found that some nutrients from inorganic fertilizers enter surface water more easily than those from biosolids. Maria Silveira, a professor in the UF/IFAS department of soil and water sciences, led the study that collected runoff from a common pasture grass to determine its nitrogen and phosphorus content. …


Agricultural Producers Urged to Learn About Irrigating Wisely at Free UF Event

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GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS) — UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County will host a free event highlighting water-saving technologies available to agricultural producers and how this equipment has already aided growers in the area. Irrigating Wisely in Florida’s Agriculture, held at Brown’s Farm in Hawthorne, Florida, on Sept. 17, will share information on best management practices for utilizing water-saving technologies as well as …


Researchers Assemble Genomic “Jigsaw” of Cow Gut Microbes

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MADISON, WISCONSIN (ARS)—Using high-tech tools, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and their cooperators have taken a deep dive into the microbial “soup” of the cow’s rumen, the first of four stomach chambers where tough plant fibers are turned into nutrients and energy. Ultimately, such efforts could lead to new ways of ensuring the health and wellbeing of cows as well …


Research Efforts Discussed at Extension Farm Field Day

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The University of Florida’s West Florida Research and Education Center (WFREC) held its annual Extension Farm Field Day last week at the research farm near Jay, Florida. At the various stops, growers learned more about research efforts in cotton, peanuts and other row crops. One attendee was Jerry Fankhauser, assistant director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of …

census poultry farms

Analyzing Genomes to Improve Disease Control in Poultry

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(USDA/ARS) — Marek’s disease—a highly contagious viral disease caused by a herpesvirus—is a constant threat to poultry worldwide. It is also one of the most preventable diseases with vaccination. However, while vaccines prevent poultry from becoming sick with symptoms of the virus, they do not prevent virus spread and mutation—considered the main reason for increased virus virulence, or severity, in …


UF/IFAS Researcher Aims to Improve Bacteria Treatments for Cows, Humans

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GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS) — University of Florida scientists believe they can develop new antimicrobials that will benefit dairy cattle and, eventually, humans by treating bacteria that normally resist antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria take a serious toll on cattle and humans. On the human side, at least 2 million people contract an antibiotic-resistant infection each year in the United States, and at …


UF Student Wins Scholarship to Find Solutions to Seagrass Loss

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GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS) — Right now, in a University of Florida marine science lab in Cedar Key, Florida, about 40 sea urchins are chowing down on their food of choice — seagrass. Jamila Roth, an interdisciplinary ecology student in the UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, is watching them closely. Roth wants to know how the urchins’ eating behavior …