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Brand New Georgia Forage Website

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The University of Georgia Forage Extension program has a lot of information on its website, so transitioning their site to a new format has been a major undertaking. But it was recently announced that the final product of months of work have come to fruition. The brand new website transition is complete and the new site is up and running. If you spent …


UF/IFAS Researcher to Experiment with Algae in Space

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A University of Florida scientist will use the International Space Station to see if algae can help recycle carbon dioxide and eventually be used to help make plastics, resins and even food. Initially, researchers want to improve algae’s ability to use light to capture carbon, and in turn, help support animal and plant life in space, said Mark Settles, a …

UF/IFAS Hopes to Grow Vanilla, Meet Consumer Demand

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For dessert, how about a scoop of ice cream flavored with vanilla from Florida’s farmers? Because so many consumers enjoy vanilla, University of Florida scientists hope to help Florida farmers grow the bean. Consumers have an appetite for vanilla. The U.S. leads the world in imported vanilla beans, said Alan Chambers, an assistant professor of horticultural sciences at the UF …


‘Got Milk?’: UF Experts Provide Facts, Tips for National Dairy Month

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“Milk Does a Body Good” is not just an advertising slogan. It’s a way to get people to drink the dairy product, because it offers so many nutrients, says a University of Florida expert. But first, cows must produce milk. As we celebrate June as National Dairy Month, some UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences experts tout the benefits …

agriculture communicators

Introducing the Agriculture Communicators of Florida

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The Agriculture Institute of Florida, founded more than 40 years ago to raise the profile of Florida agriculture among elected officials and consumers, has changed its name to Agriculture Communicators of Florida. The organization’s mission remains “to educate, encourage and empower individuals and organizations to communicate more effectively on behalf of Florida agriculture.” Members are a diverse mix of communications …

insect scouting

UGA Extension to Host Insect Scouting Schools

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University of Georgia Cooperative Extension will host two insect scouting schools to introduce new scouts to insect monitoring and serve as a review for experienced scouts and farmers. The first scouting school will be held Monday, June 11, at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center in Tifton, with the other school taking place Tuesday, June 19, at the Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center …


UF Survey: Homeowners Want to Keep Their Lawns Lush and Conserve Water

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Homeowners who irrigate want a beautiful lawn, and they’re more than willing to conserve water, a new University of Florida survey shows. It’s not a matter of a lush lawn versus saving a precious commodity. They also want a landscape with pollinators, one that helps preserve the environment and one on which they can lie in a hammock for peace …


UF/IFAS Researchers Will Try to Educate Public on Genetically Edited Food

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Genetic improvement of food crops sometimes gets a bad rap, but University of Florida researchers plan to educate consumers so they can make more informed decisions at the grocery store. To help combat misinformation, four UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers are going to better inform the public about the nuances of how plants are genetically adjusted to …


UF/IFAS Researchers May Use Fungi to Control Deadly Crop Disease

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A group of fungi might fight a disease that’s dangerous to tomatoes and specialty crops. University of Florida scientists hope to develop this biological strategy as they add to growers’ tools to help control Fusarium wilt. Tomatoes are the number one vegetable crop in Florida. In 2017, approximately 28,000 acres of tomatoes were commercially harvested, with a production value of …

ethanol technology

UF/IFAS Researchers Hope Better Technology Produces Less Costly Ethanol

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University of Florida scientists wondered how cheaply fuel ethanol can be made from inedible plant material – called biomass – using currently available technology. Their goal is to make this form of ethanol less expensively than gasoline and help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Currently, fuel ethanol is made from corn, which is edible. Corn also uses a lot of fertilizer and …