Campaign to Promote Animal ID

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USDA continues to work with states in the promotion of Animal Identification. Under Secretary Bruce Knight says an outreach campaign is underway to reach individual producers.  Report (1:00 wma) To learn more about animal ID, just go to USDA’s website.

USDA Expands National Poultry Improvement Program

Cindy Poultry

USDA has announced an interim rule that expands the National Poultry Improvement Program, a voluntary cooperative federal, state and industry program designed to prevent the spread of poultry diseases in commercial poultry operations. Under the rule, USDA will provide 100 percent indemnity for specified costs associated with eradication of H5 and H7 LPAI at commercial poultry operations that participate in …

Raw Truth About Chicken Entrees

Cindy Poultry

Some oven-ready chicken entrees are causing consumer confusion, but USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is working to solve the issue. Report (:57 wma)