FL Hay Could Have TSA

Randall Cattle, Florida

The drought has brought a shortage of hay across Florida, but producers are urged to be cautious of any hay they may purchase in keeping Tropical Soda Apple from spreading.  Report (1:30 wma)

May 31 Ends Canker Coverage / Box Tax Conferences Ongoing

Gary Citrus, Florida

The 2008 policy period for the Florida Fruit Tree Crop Insurance Policy begins June 1, and the new policy will not include coverage for citrus canker. But if you’re a grower who has a previous policy you have until the end of day May 31 to file a canker claim and still get coverage under that policy. Also in this …

Free Rider Debate News / Unimark Annx Mex Mgmt

Gary Citrus, Florida

In the first part of this report, an update on discussions about the “free-rider” issue. This report also contains a news blurb about a Mexico grove that will soon be converted from lemons to juice oranges and grapefruit with management expertise from Florida. Report (1:28 wma) Sponsoring this news report:

Immigration Bill Update

Cindy General, Specialty Crops, Vegetables

The Senate overwhelmingly voted last week to reduce the number of guest workers allowed into the U.S. under the immigration bill being debated. The amendment, introduced by Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), would allow only 200,000 workers into the country, half of the original figure of 400,000. Report (1:30 wma)