New Nutritional Campaign Launches on Wheat

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Why you may be hearing more about the nutritional benefits of wheat. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Consumers want nutrition information, so the Wheat Foods Council (WFC) is launching a social media campaign that educates fitness professionals and trainers about the benefits of wheat foods in healthy diets. U.S. Wheat Associates and the WFC are both farmer-led …


U.S. Wheat Restructuring Efforts Close Moscow Office

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As part of restructuring overseas offices, U.S. Wheat Associates will close its office in Moscow, Russia, at the end of this month. The organization says the reorganization reflects an effort to refocus resources toward markets with the best potential to grow U.S. wheat exports and returns for the farmers the organization represents. Based in part on the significant increase in …


Coalition Formed to Fight Steel, Aluminum Tariffs

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Industry and agriculture groups have formed a coalition to address the proposed steel and aluminum tariffs by President Donald Trump. The National Foreign Trade Council announced formation of the Alliance for Competitive Steel and Aluminum Trade this week. The coalition includes industrial and agriculture groups, such as the National Pork Producers Council, The American Soybean Association and U.S. Wheat Associates. …

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Ag Groups Concerned About Trade Retaliation

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U.S. Wheat Associates and the National Association of Wheat Growers were both very disappointed in the Trump Administration’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. A statement says they have repeatedly warned of the risks of retaliation and the precedent set by such a policy would have potentially serious consequences for agriculture. The groups say it’s disappointing that …


Lighthizer defends U.S. Ag in WTO Meeting

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U.S. Wheat Associates publicly thanked U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer for his work defending U.S. agriculture against attempts to weaken the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on domestic support in agriculture. The Wheat Associates organization says the Buenos Aires WTO Ministerial Conference would be a failure and the mission of the WTO to advance trade would be negatively affected through …


U.S. Wheat Closing Cairo Office

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U.S. Wheat Associates announced it would close its office located in Cairo, Egypt in December. U.S. Wheat President Vince Peterson called the decision “difficult.” However, he said the organization saw a need to begin adjusting its activities in the Middle East and North Africa several years ago as the supply of significantly lower-priced wheat from Russia increased. The organization previously …


Ag Trade Programs Affected by Proposed Budget Cuts

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Many agricultural groups recently responded to the White House’s proposed fiscal year 2018 budget, which slashed a variety of programs that many in agriculture depend on. And Steve Mercer, vice president of communications for U.S. Wheat Associates, explains what two of those programs are. Congress has the proposed USDA budget for next fiscal year, and thus he encourages producers to …