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Showier Turkey Variety Perfect for the Homestead

Dan Poultry, This Land of Ours

Cathy Isom finishes out the week on raising turkeys for meat or profit by giving you a bit of information about an older and showier turkey variety that’s perfect for the homestead. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Narragansett Turkeys are a beautiful meat producer that would make a good pick for a sustainable homesteader. Such a lovely …

Slowly Disappearing Unique Turkey Variety

Dan Poultry, This Land of Ours

For this, the fourth of her series on raising turkeys, Cathy Isom tells you about the unique turkey variety that is slowly disappearing. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. White Hollands turkeys are a unique variety that is slowly disappearing and bred insufficiently to maintain the original standard of the variety. This is a large turkey, good for …


Turkey Farmers Feel Pain from GIPSA

Dan Industry News Release, Poultry

Just days from Thanksgiving, some turkey farmers are feeling the effects of Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue’s decision to pull out of the final interim GIPSA  (Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration) rule. Politico reports that just hours after the announcement, Plainville Farms of Pennsylvania presented its farmers with updated contracts that required the producers to make costly upgrades to their …