Slowly Disappearing Unique Turkey Variety

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For this, the fourth of her series on raising turkeys, Cathy Isom tells you about the unique turkey variety that is slowly disappearing. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Slowly Disappearing Unique Turkey Variety

White Hollands turkeys are a unique variety that is slowly disappearing and bred insufficiently to maintain the original standard of the variety. This is a large turkey, good for meat production and also a breeding project bird.

Many people raise the White Holland as an alternative to the more commercial and mainstream Broad Breasted White turkey. This turkey originated in England and it became the primary meat producer up until the 1950s.


The White Holland declined when it was crossed with the Bronze turkey, resulting in the Broad Breasted White turkey.  After the Broad Breasted White took over and dominated the meat industry, White Hollands declined a decent bit.

The White Holland turkey is not as small as a Midget White, but not as large as the Broad Breasted White. Full-grown live weight of a White Holland tom is about 33 pounds. Hens weigh in significantly smaller, at 18 pounds.

Overall, White Hollands turkeys are a docile and friendly breed. However, the temperament of White Holland is somewhat dependent on the selection by breeders. White Hollands work well for meat production, Market weight is between 16 and 25 pounds. This turkey makes a fantastic bird for a homesteader after a slightly more natural turkey and a larger carcass. The breeding opportunity that White Hollands offer is also a great project for a dedicated poultry breeder.

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White Holland Turkeys at Arizona Hobby Farm