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More Ag Tariffs In Place This Week

Josh McGill Industry News Release

Major U.S. trading partners, including China, Canada, and Mexico are hitting back against the Trump Administration’s trade policies by putting retaliatory duties on almost $50 billion worth of U.S. goods. Politico says the final list of tariffs in Canada includes a lot of U.S. agricultural products, including orange juice, maple syrup, and U.S. prepared beef products. Canada’s Foreign Minister says …


Agri View: Trade Policies

Dan Agri View, Trade

Everett Griner talks about President Trumps’ trade policies disturbing in today’s Agri View.       If Donald Trump were running for President now, I don’t think he would enjoy the support he got from America’s farmers. He has pushed for changes in import/export trade that farmers don’t like. But, when he started to mess with that recently established trade …


World Trade Expanding Amid Deep Uncertainty

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

The World Trade Organization says world trade is on track to expand 2.4 percent this year, although there is “deep uncertainty” about economic and policy developments in the United States. The WTO says clarity is needed on President Donald Trump’s trade policies. The WTO pushed against trade protectionism in comments as a spokesperson said: “we should see trade as part …