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Plant Based Products Council Announces First Annual Industry Conference

Dan This Land of Ours

A new conference is set for the plant based products industry. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) announced its first annual conference. The PBPC 2023 Annual Conference: Circular Solutions, will explore the innovations, business models, and policies influencing the entire lifecycle of bioproducts in the promotion of a more circular economy. Attendees …


Four Meatpacker CEOs to Testify at Congressional Hearing

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The four CEOs of Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef Packing have agreed to testify before Congress. Reuters says the meatpacker bosses will discuss cattle markets and price increases for consumers. House Ag Committee Chair David Scott says it’s important to find out why prices have dropped for ranchers and risen for consumers. “In addition to the CEO panel, …


Cargill and Continental Grain Purchasing Sanderson Farms

Dan Economy, Poultry

Cargill and the Continental Grain Company Monday announced a joint-venture agreement to acquire Sanderson Farms, the third-largest poultry producer in the U.S. The all-cash purchase totals $4.53 billion, or $203 per share, a 30.3 percent premium to Sanderson Farms’ share price of $155.74 on June 18, 2021. Cargill and Continental Grain will combine Sanderson Farms with Wayne Farms, a subsidiary …


Cargill CEO Concerned with Long-Term Health of Ag in Trade Dispute

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The CEO of Cargill says he is concerned with the long-term health of U.S. agriculture due to impacts from the U.S.-China trade dispute. Cargill CEO David McLennan told Bloomberg News a long-term dispute with China could squeeze the U.S. out as China turns to other sellers of soybeans, as the nation is doing now. Soybean prices are near the lowest …


Cargill Still Concerned About Likelihood of Trade War

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

Cargill remains concerned that the U.S. and China trade discussions will escalate into a trade war. In Comments sent to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Cargill officials say the tariffs proposal by the U.S. targeting China will “not effectively advance the goal of addressing distortive trade practices,” according to Reuters. Cargill sent a five-page letter to Lighthizer as the USTR …


Cargill Installs Controlled Atmosphere “Stunning” System in Canada Operation

Dan Industry News Release, Poultry

Cargill announced that it’s installing a $22 million Controlled Atmospheric Stunning system at its poultry facility in London, Ontario. Cargill credits the investment to increasing customer and consumer demand for better animal welfare standards in food production. There are also electric stunning systems available to processing plants. Both electric and atmospheric systems are acceptable, approved, and proven as more humane …


Cargill Enters Plant-Based Protein Market

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Cargill has signed a joint venture agreement with the largest North American producer of pea protein, stepping into the plant-based protein market. The agreement with Puris, is called a “game changer in terms of taste and vertical integration” in plant-based protein, according to Cargill officials. Meat industry publication Meatingplace reports Cargill’s financial backing and market reach will drive significant expansion …


Cargill, Hershey, Leave Grocery Manufacturers Association

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Ag giant Cargill, along with the Hershey Company, are the latest to drop out of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, joining at least eight other major companies in retreat. The two join Tyson Foods, Campbell Soup Company and others who have recently left Washington, D.C.’s largest food industry association. Politico reports many of the companies that have left are viewed as …


Cargill Launches Fedbytrade Campaign

Dan Economy, Industry News Release, Trade

Cargill is launching a new campaign to provide stories that consumers can understand regarding how trade helps feed the world. The new initiative is called FedbyTrade, highlighting how companies are speaking up against the Trump Administration’s public criticisms of trade and the trade deficits. The campaign is designed to provide facts about trade and trade deals. Cargill is also encouraging …