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trade policiesEverett Griner talks about President Trumps’ trade policies disturbing in today’s Agri View.




If Donald Trump were running for President now, I don’t think he would enjoy the support he got from America’s farmers. He has pushed for changes in import/export trade that farmers don’t like. But, when he started to mess with that recently established trade and travel with Cuba, he lost a lot of farmer confidence.

trade with CubaTo feed its people, Cuba has to import 2 billion dollars’ worth of food annually. Farmers, especially farmers in the Southeast, were already beginning to feel the impact of that change. Made in the last month of the Obama administration.

Now that effort represented the kind of growth, and opportunity, U.S. farmers need. They view this as a step backward in improving trade and feeding hungry people.

Cuba is a small country. But, to trade with any country is important to farmers who feed the world.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

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