UF/IFAS Researchers: Robots May Run Future Farms

Dan Florida, Research, Technology

Agriculture, one of the world’s oldest vocations, is also one that continues to reinvent itself with new technology. From the introduction of the steel plow to automated tractors to modern fertilizer applications, technology has improved effectiveness and increased efficiency. Now, two University of Florida professors say robots and information technology will rule the roost on farms in the coming years. …


UF/IFAS-led Global Group Seeks Traits for Wheat with More Protein

Dan Florida, Industry News Release, Research, Wheat

When consumers buy wheat products, such as bread or pasta, they expect to get protein with their purchase. But in a warming world with high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, the genes required to keep wheat production high are the same ones that keep grain protein down, a University of Florida scientist says. By breeding wheat with specific traits, scientists can …


UF/IFAS Researcher Named to Global Climate, Crop-Modeling Panel

Dan Florida, Research, Weather

A University of Florida professor is known for his work in using computer models to predict crop yields has been named to a newly formed global leadership panel for the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Program, also known as AgMIP. AgMIP brings together agricultural scientists from around the world to research climate change impacts and adaptation options.   Senthold Asseng, …

Temperature Impacts on Global Wheat Yield

Randall Weiseman Research, Wheat

A recent study shows that increases in temperature decrease wheat production globally. With wheat being the third largest crop produced in the world, the effects of climate change could cause a substantial impact on the human food source. Research by the University of Florida’s Senthold Asseng, a professor of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, conceded that increasing temperatures will …