RFA: Full Potential of Fuel Regulations Waiver Should Include Relaxing Additional Restrictions on Sale of E15

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

In a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Renewable Fuels Association thanked the agency for its Aug. 30 waiver in 12 states and the District of Columbia of certain fuel regulations due to the fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey. The waiver, which relaxes the RVP requirement such that E15 (15% ethanol) may be sold immediately in conventional gasoline …


Renewable Fuels Association Calls RFS Proposal for Conventional Biofuels Justified

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen thanked the Environmental Protection Agency for proposing the volume requirement of convention biofuels at 15 billion gallons next year. However, Dinneen also urged the federal agency to increase its proposed cellulosic ethanol requirement to reflect growing technologies at existing ethanol plants. The EPA proposed to set the conventional biofuels volume under the Renewable Fuel …