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Rabobank Issues Report on Declining Wheat Acres

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Rabobank issued a report this week saying U.S. wheat acres have been on the decline for 35 years. This growing season, wheat acres are at their lowest point in 100 years. Those lower acres over a long period of time are going to have some ripple effects. RaboResearch Grains and Oilseed Analyst Stephen Nicholson found that the decreasing number of …


Rabobank Finds Pork Export Market Projections Favorable

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Looking ahead to the second and third quarter of 2017, Rabobank says pork export projections look favorable for the industry. Rabobank Research Food and Agribusiness analysts find that a stable market is ahead into the third quarter as increased U.S. pork production is being absorbed into Asian export markets. The report on National Hog Farmer Dot Com says the industry …