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Yoho Drafts New Ag Labor Bill – Invites Ag Input

Dan Florida, Labor and Immigration, Legislative

Florida Congressman Ted Yoho this week released a draft of guest worker legislation that he is sharing with the farm sector for further comments and input. Yoho has produced a video about his efforts, and just announced a round table meeting with farmers for further input and discussion about his legislative ideas. The round table is scheduled for Wednesday, August …


House Vote on Guest Worker Bill in Doubt

Dan Industry News Release, Labor and Immigration

House Republican leaders appear to be going back on a promise to hold a vote ahead of the August recess on a conservative immigration bill that includes a new guest-worker program for farmers. Back in June, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised several members there would be a vote. Politico says House Republican leaders now don’t have any plans to …


Reform Needed for Ag Guest Worker Program

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Farm groups are pressing lawmakers to reform the ag guest worker program, despite dwindling prospects for such measures, after more sweeping immigration reform failed. The American Farm Bureau Federation, National Pork Producers Council and others had hoped House ag guest worker reform was hitched to a huge spending bill passed in March. But, that bid failed when broader immigration reforms …


Conaway Supports House Guest Worker Bill

Dan Industry News Release, Labor and Immigration

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway offered his approval to a bill that would bring reforms to agriculture labor. Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved the Ag Act, which supporters say would replace the flawed H-2A guestworker program. Conaway says the bill would help provide farmers with access to a legal, steady supply of workers. Saying it’s time for a …


Goodlatte Guest Worker Bill Up for Committee Vote Wednesday

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A committee vote is planned Wednesday (Oct. 4) for the agriculture guestworker revamp bill in the House of Representatives. Virginia Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte introduced the bill Monday, and vowed to push for a “tight timetable.” The bill, according to Politico, would essentially scrap H-2A in its current form, rename the visa program H-2C and house it within the Department …

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Dairy Industry Organizations Support Legislation Creating New Agriculture Guest Worker Program

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A coalition of dozens of dairy farm organizations, led by the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), is supporting new congressional legislation that would help address one of the most challenging issues affecting America’s milk producers: obtaining a dependable, legal workforce. A founding member of the Agriculture Workforce Coalition, NMPF was joined by 57 dairy cooperatives and state dairy farmer associations …


Conaway on Bill to Replace Guest Worker Program

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It’s been announced that Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte will introduce a bill this week that would replace the H-2A guest worker program. The bill, titled the Agricultural Guestworker Act or H-2C, was discussed during the Farm Bill listening session held in California last month. Here is House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway. 09-25-17 Conaway on Bill to Replace Guest Worker Program