House Farm Bill Prospects Improving

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House Republican leadership worked out a deal to bring up two different immigration bills for votes next week. One of the bills is the conservative measure authored by Representative Bob Goodlatte that the Freedom Caucus wanted to be brought up for a vote before they would commit votes to the farm bill. Because that vote was in place, Freedom Caucus …


Changes Made to H-2C Immigration Bill

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A bill proposed by Virginia Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte would scrap the current H-2A program which is partly controlled by the U.S. Labor Department. It would institute an H-2C program that would be overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Goodlatte has made several amendments to the legislation after listening to concerns from ag groups. A Milk Business Dot Com …


Goodlatte Guest Worker Bill Up for Committee Vote Wednesday

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A committee vote is planned Wednesday (Oct. 4) for the agriculture guestworker revamp bill in the House of Representatives. Virginia Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte introduced the bill Monday, and vowed to push for a “tight timetable.” The bill, according to Politico, would essentially scrap H-2A in its current form, rename the visa program H-2C and house it within the Department …