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Most Americans Confused About GMOs

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A new survey by GMO Answers shows many Americans remain confused over genetically modified organisms, and that this lack of knowledge may be driving overall uncertainty and discomfort. However, the organization says concern and confusion do not equate to rejection, as the survey finds that nearly the same number of Americans want to learn more about GMOs. The survey’s key …

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GMO Labeling Rule Sent to OMB

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The White House Office of Management and Budget is reviewing the GMO labeling rule, or the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. Government records show that the Department of Agriculture sent the final rule to the White House on the last day of August. The regulation, according to the Management and Budget Office, is now “pending review.” Legislation to create the …

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MN Students Want GMO Approval Process Streamlined

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A group of graduate students at the University of Minnesota is asking Congress to streamline the approval process for GMO crops that produce food and fiber. A DTN article says the seven students are doing graduate work at the Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences. They believe the regulatory hoops that companies need to jump through to …

New Film Discusses GMO Misinformation

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The maker of a film called Food Evolution, supported by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, says his documentary shows how easily misinformation can overwhelm objective analysis. Scott Hamilton Kennedy is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker who produced the movie. Kennedy says the GMO story shows how important it is to use science to make decisions. “I was very honored that …

GMO-Free Labeling Fear Based

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The National Milk Producers Federation says manufacturers are raising consumer fears with GMO-free labeling, along with fears over synthetic animal-growth hormones and high fructose corn syrup. The federation has launched a “Peel Back the Label” campaign as 70 percent of American consumers look at food labels when making purchasing decisions, and says some labels are misleading. For instance, one company …


Ireland Could be GMO-Free Haven

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Ireland Minister of State for Agriculture Andrew Doyle says the island nation should have a status as GMO-free to maintain biodiversity. The Irish Times reports that the comments by Doyle were expressed as his personal opinion, and not that of the nation’s Agricultural and Food Development Authority, which takes the “follow the science” approach. Doyle claims the island could be …