Farmers Give to Food Banks in Time of COVID-19

Dan Florida, General, Industry News Release

(UF/IFAS) — With the COVID-19 shutdowns increasing people’s need for food, some consumers rely on nonprofits for a bite to eat. To help, farmers in Florida and elsewhere are donating excess produce to food banks, said a UF/IFAS expert. In fact, some food banks are helping farmers by offsetting some of their costs, thus incentivizing growers to harvest food they …

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USDA Highlights Opportunities for Producers and Vendors

Dan Dairy, Fruits, Industry News Release, Pork, Vegetables

Apples, Grapes, Oranges, Pork, Fluid Milk and more Earlier, a new USDA Foods vendor delivered 2,000 gallons of fresh milk to the D.C. Capital Area Food Bank. The delivery was one of many taking place at food banks across the country resulting from purchases made by the USDA to provide market support to the dairy industry. USDA Foods are a …