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Investing in Farm & Ranch Land

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We told you last week that stronger land prices during late 2021 continued higher through the first five months of this year. That was partially helped by investors looking for a low-risk inflation hedging investment. And Mark Oppold reports wealthy investors are turning to farm and ranch land. According to Farmers National Company, prices for good quality cropland are up 20 …


Farmland Prices up 20% in 2022

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The stronger land prices of late 2021 continued in the first months of 2022. Farmers National Company reports sale prices took another jump higher because of the war in Ukraine and ongoing inflation fears. Farmers saw higher commodity prices, and investors wanted a low-risk inflation hedging investment, which propelled the competition for good cropland. Farmland values are roughly 20 percent …


Farmland Market Ended Strong in 2021

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Farmland sales continued at a torrid pace at Farmers National Company during the last quarter of 2021. The dollar volume of land sold by the company during October through December was up 53 percent compared to last year and up 106 percent from two years ago. The number of transactions was up 23 percent, and total acres sold were up …

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Farmers National Company Reports Increase in Land Listings, Price

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While research suggests that there has been less farm and ranch land for sale than usual over the past few years, Farmers National Company is reporting a 50 percent increase in listings. Experts say the industry is experiencing a post-harvest bump in land prices in most grain producing areas, meaning that with above average crop yields in most locations, farmer …


Farmland Market Trend Hard to Define

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The Farmers National Company recently released a semi-annual market update on farmland prices and it’s hard to nail down just what the trend is. A Pro Farmer report says the best description may be “steady, with exceptions.” The report says the reason trends are hard to figure out is some farmland sells at better prices than expected while other farmland …