Egypt’s Wheat Production Illustrates Global Security Issues

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Scientists, including many at the University of Florida, are trying to figure out how to feed 10 billion people worldwide by 2050. As they do, some UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers are studying how arid nations can produce enough crops to feed themselves and to avoid civil protests or even war. Egypt, for instance, lacks sufficient water …


Egypt Issuing Wheat Import Guidelines to Tackle Trade Problems

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Egypt plans to issue a streamlined guide on wheat import regulations for global traders. The guidelines will detail all specifications, procedures, and regulations for traders selling to the world’s largest buyer, Egypt. The guidelines will be issued within the next two weeks. Reuters says Egypt is looking to calm nervous suppliers who have been adding high-risk premiums because of what …


Egypt Downplaying Wheat Cargo Denials

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The world’s largest wheat buyer is backing away from recent comments regarding poppy seeds found in wheat shipments. Egypt has rejected two cargoes of wheat for import after testing found the shipments were contaminated with poppy seeds that Egypt called “drug-producing.” However, the poppy seeds were found to be of non-opium producing kinds, and Egypt now calls them “not very …