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COUNTRY Financial: Make Safety a Priority on the Farm

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COUNTRY Financial continues to invest in agriculture in many states, including Alabama and Georgia. And earlier this month, Agricultural Safety Awareness Week was celebrated, and they encourage farmers to make safety a priority on the farm throughout the year. This part of the country is prone to storms all year, and especially in the spring. So Adela Ford, COUNTRY Financial …

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Farm Legacy Planning Through COUNTRY Financial

Dan Economy

COUNTRY Financial invests in the future of ag, and advance financial planning is an important part of any operation. Tom Royer, senior financial specialist at COUNTRY Financial, talked with Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman about Farm Legacy Planning, and why having conversations with the whole family is important to plan for the family farm’s future.

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COUNTRY Financial Looking Forward to Sunbelt Ag Expo

Dan Economy, Georgia

Since 1925, COUNTRY Financial has had their roots firmly planted in agriculture, and they continue to invest in the future of ag. That’s why Director of Agribusiness Operation at COUNTRY Financial, Lindsey Rinkenberger, said they look forward to talking with farmers next week during the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. And last year, COUNTRY Financial partnered with Sunbelt Ag …

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COUNTRY Financial Pleased with Sunbelt Ag Expo Events

Dan Education, Georgia

A new event took place during the 2018 Sunbelt Ag Expo, as COUNTRY Financial partnered with the Expo to host the Youth Educational Challenges. Plus Lindsey Rinkenberger, Director of Agribusiness Operations at COUNTRY Financial, says they also were a part of the Young Farmers Annual Dinner, and was pleased with both events. COUNTRY Financial Pleased with Sunbelt Ag Expo Events

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COUNTRY Financial Partners with Sunbelt Ag Expo to host Youth Event

Dan Education, Georgia

The 2018 Sunbelt Ag Expo kicks off Tuesday in Moultrie, Georgia and something new will take place at this year’s event. COUNTRY Financial is partnering with Sunbelt Ag Expo to host the Youth Educational Challenges. Lindsey Rinkenberger, director of agribusiness operations at COUNTRY Financial, explains. COUNTRY Financial Partners with Sunbelt Ag Expo to Host Youth Event COUNTRY Financial® provides a great …