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How soon will this sign be in your store?  Report (1:00 wma)

USDA Crop Statistics Has Several Studies

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The final 2005-06 crop numbers will be out in September, as well as a tree count update. A final count for finding how many boxes were left on trees due to label problems is now underway, and they are already working toward the 2006-07 crop count.  Gary Cooper reports.  Report (2:00 wma)

U.S. Peanut Crop Lags Behind Last Year

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According to the weekly crop report put out by USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service, the peanut crop is still well behind where it stood last year.  Report (:55 wma) Check the NASS site for more weekly crop numbers. USDA NASS

More on Trade Talks

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The collapse of the WTO Doha Round will likely mean more challenges to U.S. farm programs, like the successful one last year by Brazil with the cotton program, and no agreement by the end of this year means Trade Promotion Authority will expire before an agreement could reach Congress. Report (1:00 wma) Report (1:00 wma)