FL Congressman Putnam: Retail O J Too High for Market Situation

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

In this first report posted herein, comments from central Florida Congressman Adam Putnam about the need for orange juice “brands” to do more to help move tremendous supplies in the orange juice pipeline right now, including putting more efforts into advertising as well as bringing retail prices more in line with market supply reality. Putnam’s comments echo what we heard from a number of growers in recent days as the USDA October Citrus Crop Forecast brought many growers together last week to discuss the season and the market situation facing them. In the second report, Putnam comments on several issues of importance to citrus and agriculture in general as we look forward to business in the nation’s Capitol that lies ahead. By the way, as mentioned briefly in the final segment to these programs, the idea of a grower referendum with regard to the Department of Citrus sounds like it may be a dead issue at this point, and we expect more about that in the industry news pipeline in the days ahead.
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