Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving Meal Costs Down

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Results are out for the American Farm Bureau Federation‘s annual survey for Thanksgiving meal costs, so what might consumers on average pay at the grocery stores this year? Rod Bain has more coming up on This Land of Ours.

Thanksgiving meal

Are you still doing your Thanksgiving meal shopping? If so, you may be pleased to find that prices are a little lower.

“We’re down a little bit from the prior year. Four point five percent down from last year by our informal survey, which is gathered from 200-something volunteers in all 50 states going out and checking those prices at their local grocery store.” Based on the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2023 edition of its annual survey to determine the cost of a full Thanksgiving Meal, Farm Bureau executive Vice President Joe Young says for the centerpiece of the meal. “Turkey is down a little bit. Avian influenza was hot and heavy last year and we’ve moved through some of that. So those prices have fallen.”


Yet Young cautions, despite the year-over-year decline in total Thanksgiving meal cost, food inflation is still reflected in the 2023 survey. It’s still up 25% from 2019.

The annual Farm Bureau survey looks at the average cost of 20 Thanksgiving meal items for a holiday feast for 10 people.

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Thanksgiving Meal Costs Down

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