Soybean Meal Opportunities in Animal Nutrition

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Collaboration between animal nutritionists and the soy checkoff could bring additional value opportunities for U.S. soybeans, ultimately benefiting both animal agriculture and American farmers. The impact spans the poultry, pig, dairy, and aquaculture sectors.

The checkoff brings together industry leaders as a part of its Animal Nutrition Working Group. The group advises checkoff leaders on research investments with the highest value for farmers and the industry.

USB’s new strategic plan consists of three priorities for soybean meal, including the overall nutritional composition, improved measurement of anti-nutritional factors, and the resulting benefit to animal production, performance, and health. Soybean meal continues to be the standard for all other protein feedstuffs. This team of nutritionists examines how soybean meal can get used properly beyond just its protein content.


One big goal of the collaboration is to encourage a shift toward total value-based ingredient decisions on the production and processing sides of the supply chain.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)