Consumers Dining Out During Holiday Season

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Who’s doing the cooking during this busy holiday season? That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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With just a few weeks left in the year and the season of celebration in full swing, the National Restaurant Association finds that 77% of consumers will cope with holiday demands by letting restaurants do some of their cooking during the coming weeks.

According to a new survey, 57% of consumers plan to go out to eat at a restaurant, while 50% plan to order takeout or delivery for a gathering at home during the holidays. One in four consumers plans to do both. When asked about why they plan to include restaurant meals in their holiday plans:

  • 88% said dining out or ordering a meal from a restaurant is a good way to support businesses in their community during the holidays.
  • 82% said letting restaurants do the cooking is easy and reduces their stress.
  • 78% said a restaurant gives them an opportunity to socialize with family and/or friends and is a better use of their time than cooking and cleaning up.

The National Restaurant Association conducted the online survey of 1,002 adults Nov. 18-20, 2022, asking questions about their plans to use restaurants during the holiday season.

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Consumers Dining Out During Holiday Season

Sabrina Halvorson
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