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Alabama Farmers Federation Celebrates Anniversary

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alabama farmers

(ALFA) — Alabama Farmers Federation kicked off its centennial year and celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Alfa Insurance® this week at the organization’s home office in Montgomery.

Founded in 1921, the Federation represents more than 350,000 member families through county organizations in all 67 Alabama counties. Jimmy Parnell, who serves as president of the Federation and Alfa®, said the Federation’s original mission of providing a voice for farmers has been fulfilled. 


“We were formed to represent the farmers of the state of Alabama. They felt like they lacked a voice in government,” Parnell said. “County agents from around the state worked to develop us. They collected membership dues for the organization and got us started 100 years ago. It’s just been an amazing journey, and I’m pleased to say today, I don’t think the farmers of the state would worry about whether they’re represented or not in politics. I think we’ve done what we were intended to do, and we continue to try to do that every day.”

Source: Alabama Farmers Federation