NCGA Welcomes Administration Support for High Octane Fuels

Dan Corn, Energy, Industry News Release

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation are recognizing the benefits of high octane fuels, such as a mid-level ethanol blend, in their SAFE Vehicles rule. That is potentially very good news for corn farmers. The agencies specifically requested comments on how EPA, “could support the production and use of higher octane gasoline” in order to support fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards.

high octaneNCGA knows firsthand that ethanol is a high octane fuel that provides a cost-effective means for automakers to reduce GHG emissions and improve fuel economy when used with optimized engines. Analyzing fuels and vehicles as a system provides automakers with more flexibility and options to meet vehicle standards. As an active member of the High Octane Low Carbon Alliance, the NCGA advocates for the benefits of high octane fuels.

In the months ahead, NCGA will provide comments to the EPA and DOT, focusing in on the high octane portions of the proposed rule as part of the organization’s mission to create and increase opportunities for corn growers.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.