ITC Vote Levels Playing Field in Biodiesel Trade Dispute

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The International Trade Commission agrees with the National Biodiesel Board that the biofuels industry has suffered because of unfairly dumped imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia.

voteIn a vote Tuesday, the Commission voted 4-0 in support of the position by the National Biodiesel Board. The vote on injury is the last remaining procedural hurdle before final antidumping orders can be issued later this month.

A spokesperson for the National Biodiesel Board says in a statement the dumping of product into the U.S. has “undermined the jobs and environmental benefits that U.S. biodiesel brings to the table.” The NBB Fair Trade Coalition filed the antidumping petition in parallel to a countervailing duty petition to address a flood of subsidized and dumped imports from Argentina and Indonesia.

The Coalition says the imports resulted in market share losses and depressed prices for domestic producers.

Biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia surged by 464 percent from 2014 to 2016, taking 18.3 percentage points of market share from U.S. manufacturers.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.

Read the full release from the National Biodiesel Board.