War Between Ethanol Backers – Oil Supporters in Congress Heating Up

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

warThe war between Ethanol backers and Oil supporters in Congress is heating up. But, one Midwest lawmaker claims the other side has already lost “leverage” due to timing.

Ag Senator Chuck Grassley admits Texas oil-patch Senator Ted Cruz will get his meeting with President Trump to discuss overhauling the Renewable Fuel Standard. Cruz was blocking Senate confirmation of Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey to a top Department of Agriculture post, over the RFS.

But Grassley argues Cruz is at a disadvantage.


Grassley does not expect the president to ‘sell out’ ethanol, after Trump reaffirmed his commitment to the RFS and ordered his EPA chief to nix a proposed further reduction in biofuel volumes.


And Grassley says Congress would have to agree to make legislative changes—something it hasn’t done, so far, and doesn’t have to deal with for awhile.


But, for now, Grassley claims ethanol state lawmakers have the “upper hand” on the RFS.

The White House meeting is expected soon. Some nine oil-patch Senators asked for the meeting with Trump in an October letter, and that biofuels representatives and Midwest lawmakers also come.

Grassley told farm reporters, he wasn’t invited and the staunch ethanol defender doubts, as he puts it, “they’d want me around.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.