Youth Day at the Capitol Recognizes Young Georgia Equestrians

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From the Georgia Department of Agriculture:

gda-logoThe Georgia Commodity Commission for Equine held their annual Youth Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016, where 110 equestrian youths from around the state of Georgia were honored for their achievements. The event recognized youths, ages 6 to 19, who won first place in a state horse show, or a national or world championship during the 2015 show season.

A resolution presented by Representative Tom McCall, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, distinguished the day while recognizing Jamie Parker, Sydney Banaszek, Kelsey Bostic, Ana Christina Marin, Caroline Stethers, Erin Doyle, Laney Huddleston and Kaydie Huddleston for reaching the level of World Champion in their events.

Each year the commission selects an individual who has promoted the equine industry in Georgia with the Golden Saddle award. This year’s honoree was the University of Georgia’s head equestrian coach Meghan Boenig. Coach Boenig spoke to the group about how the passion one sees in the sport, youth and equine is a great collaboration of everything from academics, discipline and responsibility. She told the champions they are the future of the horse industry and should be ambassadors for their passion.

Past Equine Commission Chairman John Clements was recognized for his hard work throughout the years on the commission and his enthusiasm for Youth Day.

Recently named Georgia Farm Bureau president, Gerald Long spoke to the group about the support the Georgia Farm Bureau provides to Georgia agriculture. Georgia state veterinarian Dr. Robert Cobb also spoke to the attendees about what role the Georgia Department of Agriculture has in equine health in Georgia.

The Commission will begin accepting names for next year’s Youth Day beginning April 1 when the online registration goes live on the Equine Commission web site: The deadline for the 2017 Youth Day registration is Dec. 31, 2016.