UF/IFAS Challenge 2050 Project Webinar

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Dr. Tony Andenoro

University of Florida’s Dr. Tony Andenoro will be giving a webinar presentation August 19, 2015 on the university’s “Challenge 2050 Project.” Dr. Andenoro is the director of the “Challenge 2050 Project” and has coordinated with the University of Florida’s Center for Public Issues Education to bring you this exciting webinar. Listen to the story to hear why this is an important issue that we must face in our near future.
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The “Challenge 2050 Project” is an innovative program at the University of Florida that brings students, industry professionals and policy makers together in an integrated way to address a global population projected to exceed 9.6 billion by the year 2050. The program is funded in part by the HM.CLAUSE, an international vegetable seed company dedicated to solving today’s agricultural challenges with long term, sustainable solutions for the future. To find more news on HM.CLAUSE and their partnership with the University of Florida click here.