Sarah Martin Wins Checkoff’s ‘Rev It Up’ Contest

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From the Beef Checkoff Program:

beef-checkoff-logoThe votes have been tallied … and the winner in the beef checkoff’s ‘Rev It Up’ My ROI Checkoff Challenge is SARAH MARTIN from Scammon, Kansas!

For the past eight weeks, the checkoff has encouraged investors to share how they personally benefit from checkoff efforts, for a chance to win a generously donated (by) Yamaha 3-passenger Viking EPS 4×4 with specialized accessories valued at $21,728.07. For the final video submission, we asked our finalists: What would you tell other beef checkoff investors (beef/dairy/veal producers and importers) about the most valuable thing the checkoff has brought to your operation?

To earn her a spot in the top eight, Sarah answered the following question during week No. 4 of the contest: “Did you know older millennial parents (ages 30 to 36) purchase ground beef more often than other cuts of beef? With that in mind, the checkoff created a new Ground Beef thawing infographic, which highlights the best way to thaw frozen ground beef in the microwave in less than 10 minutes. How do the busy, convenience-seeking millennials or other consumers you know prefer to eat beef?”

Her response: “As a millennial, I understand why ground beef is the go to choice for a wholesome nutritious meal. There is some much versatility with recipe choices utilizing ground beef. Personally, I love to go to the website and Pinterest page for new beef recipes to try. Ground beef is also very convenient as you can brown a large batch at one time and freeze or refrigerate it to be used later or have hamburger patties ready to throw on the grill. Weeknight meals are so much easier to prepare when things can be done ahead and fit into millennials active lifestyles. Some family favorites include meatballs, tacos, enchiladas, hamburgers and spaghetti with meat sauce. As a beef producer, I enjoy having the convenience of all different cuts of beef in the freezer.”

Congratulations, Sarah!

Watch all eight finalist videos here. And, for more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit