NCGA Applauds Senate Bill to Extend Volatility Waiver to E15

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From the National Corn Growers Association:

The National Corn Growers Association today thanked Senators Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) for introducing a bill to expand the volatility waiver for E15 ethanol, ultimately increasing consumers’ access higher blends of ethanol year-round.

“We applaud Senators Donnelly, Grassley, and Fischer for their bipartisan efforts to increase the market for ethanol producers and give consumers more choices at the pump,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling. “June 1 is rapidly approaching, and we should ensure consumers will continue to have access to energy that is clean, renewable, and American-grown. We urge Congress to pass this legislation.”

Reid Vapor Pressure measures the evaporation rate of gasoline. Under current regulations, summertime volatility restrictions are in place from June 1-Sept 15, but E10 receives a volatility waiver. This legislation would extend the same waiver to E15 blends. Similar legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives in April.